During a telephone interview with The Western Producer from his home in Montreal, Guy Saint-Jacques, who was ambassador to China from 2012-16, explained that China is a dodgy market for a number of reasons.
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China is risky business

Canadian farmers and exporters of agri-foods should focus their attention on regions and countries other than China, says a former ambassador to China. Yes, China is a huge opportunity but it’s an opportunity that comes with huge risks. “The (exporting) companies should make full use of the free trade agreements that have been negotiated,” said […] Read more

Despite enjoying the support of a high proportion of western canola growers, Conservative party leader Scheer has sounded a hawkish rather than conciliatory note when talking about China.
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With Canada-China relations, how did things ever get so far?

An opportunity for China to calm down things with Canada?

How did things ever get so far? I’m hoping somebody high up in the Chinese government is thinking that today, as its relationships with multiple countries are strained and have suffered considerable damage in the last couple of years. Canada is not the least of those strained relationships and deepening bad blood, with two Canadian […] Read more

Canada will play “Good cop, bad cop” with China

Either way, Canada shows few signs of buckling. It's not in Canada's nature

Canada’s playing Good cop/Bad cop with China. It’s not an intentional strategy. It’s just the way that the psychology of this country is breaking down. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are the ‘Good cop’ gang, hoping to use reasonableness, seeming friendliness, understanding and offers of help to get China to back off […] Read more