Diarrhea causes dehydration and it is important to keep as much liquid going in as what is coming out, says veterinarian.  |  Getty photo

Recognize cause of diarrhea before damage occurs

Knowing the symptoms and causes of calf diarrhea may be the ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure. “Diarrhea is just a change in fecal consistency,” said Colorado State University veterinarian Frank Garry. “Where it becomes important is when it is associated with disease.” Calves with scours may look normal, but they […] Read more

When in doubt, producers are advised to give calves oral electrolytes to stop diarrhea.  |  File photo

Learn to identify symptom of scours for early electrolyte treatment

Electrolytes are our best bet when treating scours be-cause it is the dehydration and/or acidosis that kills calves first. It’s important for producers who use this important tool to recognize the severity of the scours, either by how dehydrated or how acidotic (depressed) the calf is. Calves are dehydrated if skin that is twisted in […] Read more