Small sideline can become major undertaking

Bonnie Cook agonized over charging an extra $1 to hem a pair of pants but never thought twice about launching a global business selling movie-inspired clothes. As well, she was actually relieved to learn she had it all backwards when it came to managing employees. These three moments are a condensed primer on how even […] Read more

Artisanal cheeses are more difficult to make than regular cheeses because cheese makers must adjust their technique with each batch.  |  Duo Strategy and Design Inc. photo

Dairy finds cash in new places

Cheese maker | Monforte Dairy’s unconventional business model wins prize for innovation

STRATFORD, Ont. — The altruistic aspects of her artisanal cheese business are Ruth Klahsen’s prime motivation, but the dollars and cents still matter. “We need a different business model where you make a living, not get rich,” the owner of Monforte Dairy said. “My line has always been, poverty sucks but money doesn’t make you […] Read more