Farmer-friendly programs like the Farm Fuel Tax Rebate and PST exemptions on farm inputs could be targeted in an effort to balance the Sask. provincial budget. | File photo

Sask. farmers eye next week’s provincial budget

It remains to be seen how Saskatchewan farmers and rural municipalities will be affected by government efforts to balance the provincial budget. But delegates who attended the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities’ annual convention in Saskatoon this week were bracing themselves for the worst. In a March 15 interview, SARM president Ray Orb said he […] Read more

Finance minister Joe Oliver delivers his version of a balanced budget for Canada for 2015. It was much delayed due to falling oil revenues.  |  Reuters photo

Federal budget targets agricultural trade

UPDATED – Tuesday April 21, 2015 – 1555 CST – Agriculture didn’t rate a mention during federal finance minister Joe Oliver’s April 21 budget speech. However, a look at some of the supporting documents shows Ottawa intends to spend $18.1 million over two years to promote competitiveness and trade opportunities for agricultural products and $12 […] Read more

Farm officials relieved cuts not worse

Saskatchewan farm leaders accepted a 2.5 percent cut to the provincial agriculture budget last week, saying they understand the fiscal pressure of low oil prices. The March 18 budget estimates agricultural spending of $362.4 million in 2015-16, down from $371.6 million last year. “Glad to see there was no tax increases, and a 2.5 percent […] Read more

Sask. agriculture minister Lyle Stewart said the improved perception of agriculture is one of his priorities while delivering today's provincial budget. | File photo

Sask. budget reduces agriculture spending 2.5 percent

Saskatchewan’s agriculture budget is down 2.5 percent this fiscal year, but agriculture minister Lyle Stewart said farmers shouldn’t feel an impact. The budget, announced March 18, estimates spending of $362.4 million this year. “There is minimal impact on our programs and more importantly on our clients,” the minister said. “We will be offering the same […] Read more

Warning bells sounded following federal budget

It was too much to expect that agriculture would be excluded from federal attempts to deliver a balanced budget in three years. Even though Canada’s deficit of $24.9 billion seems small compared to other western developed nations, it must be dealt with for our long-term economic well-being. In the federal budget announced last week, agriculture […] Read more