BVD can survive undetected in herds

Veterinarian advises a vaccination program, controlled breeding season and culling of animals that test positive

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Producers may claim their operations do not have bovine viral diarrhea because herd health is good. Pregnancy rates are high with few abortions, there are no birth defects, and calves are healthy and gaining well. However, producers who don’t test for the troublesome virus may not know it is circulating among […] Read more

Protocols essential for BVD prevention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bovine viral diarrhea may be to blame when cattle do not thrive or seem to have a mysterious illness. Some farms are diligent with testing, vaccination and biosecurity, but others are less proactive. That was the opinion of a group of producers, animal scientists and veterinarians attending a BVD symposium held […] Read more

Impact of BVD can linger if undetected in carrier

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bovine viral diarrhea lurks wherever cattle are raised. This mutating virus presents diverse clinical symptoms, and control is elusive, said scientists during an April 7 BVD symposium in Kansas City, Missouri. Producers may not see diarrhea among calves, but poor growth and respiratory and reproduction problems are common among the infected. […] Read more