What the other provinces are doing about farm worker safety

Alberta’s Bill 6 plans to eliminate the farm exemptions on the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workers Compensation, Labour Relations and Employment  Standards. Legislation in the other western provinces varies when it comes to coverage and exemptions for farmers and farm workers. Below is a snapshot of what the proposed changes in Alberta look like […] Read more

‘We will pass this bill this fall’: Notley

Alberta premier Rachel Notley is pushing ahead with Bill 6 despite protests across the province to delay or kill the farm safety bill. “We will pass this bill this fall, those paid wage-earning farm workers (in an accident) will receive compensation and will have the right to refuse unsafe work. Over the months to come […] Read more

Lethbridge farmers challenge Bill 6

About 750 farmers rallied in Lethbridge today and they didn’t get what they wanted. They wanted the Alberta government to “kill Bill 6”, according to the many placards stuck to vehicles and held aloft. Agriculture minister Oneil Carlier and labour minister Lori Sigurdson said they would take that theme back to cabinet but reiterated the […] Read more

UPDATED: Alberta exempts Hutterites from Bill 6

UPDATED: December 4, 2015 – 1610 CST – RED DEER — In a complete reversal, the Alberta government has announced it will exempt Hutterite colonies and their 22,000 members from mandatory Workers Compensation Board and Occupational Health and Safety coverage. When the Alberta government announced Bill 6, the farm safety bill, documents showed Hutterite colonies […] Read more

Slow down Bill 6, say farmers

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. — Almost 400 angry farmers sent a clear message to the Alberta government last week: they don’t want the new farm safety legislation and they believe it is being rushed through without consultation. “This is insulting,” said Jamie White of Teepee Creek. “The idea that we cannot look after our business and […] Read more

Alberta Hutterite colonies want exemption from farm worker compensation bill

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. — Mandatory workers compensation premiums would cost Alberta Hutterite colonies more than $22 million a year, said the Hutterite business adviser with accounting firm MNP. Gord Tait said his clients are not only concerned about the potential cost of the mandatory coverage but that it infringes on their Hutterite religious beliefs. Tait, […] Read more

Alta. farmers protest Bill 6

EDMONTON — Protests against Alberta farm worker legislation keep building momentum. A hastily built Facebook page opposed to Bill 6 had 24,000 members in only a few days, farmers packed a Grande Prairie hotel ball room Nov. 26 and about 150 farmers protested at the Alberta legislature Nov. 27. Another rally at the legislature was […] Read more

Alberta boy starts petition against labour bill

Andrew Meinen says the proposed provincial legislation would restrict his ability to help his parents on their farm

Andrew Meinen, 11, objects to an Alberta government farm safety bill, and he is doing something about it. He developed a petition and is soliciting signatures from people who object to Bill 6, the NDP government’s farm safety legislation. “Why should kids like me, under 14, not be allowed to work on the farm,” Meinen […] Read more