While many beer drinkers may not make the connection between barley and beer, there are others who wants to know how it was produced, said brewer Natasha Peiskar of Last Best Brewing and Distilling. She also receives hops that come from certified suppliers offering traceability. | Flickr/Nicola photo

Industry introduces glass-to-the-field beer

BANFF, Alta. — Block chain is a complicated concept but thanks to this form of traceability, beer drinkers can track their beverage from field to glass. “This block chain beer is taking traceability to an extreme level, said Matt Hamill of Red Shed Malting in central Alberta. Working with Canada Malting and Last Best Brewing […] Read more

RIGHT: Dr. Rajiv Tripathi and Prof. Jaswinder Singh discuss the interaction of a newly identified protein, TLP8, with beta-glucan and their value in the malting and food industry.  |  Irfan Iqbal photo

The discovery that could shake up the beer industry

Jaswinder Singh can hardly contain his excitement when talking about TLP8, a useful protein he discovered in barley. “It could revolutionize the brewing industry,” said the associate professor at McGill University’s plant science department. Maltsters despise beta-glucan, a key sugar found in barley. If it is not properly degraded during the malting and germination process […] Read more

 Kirk Zembal, one of the owners of Blindman Brewery at Lacombe, Alta., poses beside newly imported oak casks used to age wine.  The company imported them from France to mature their craft beer. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Brewery competes on unique flavour

LACOMBE, Alta. — With the stunning rise in craft breweries, some companies have unique approaches to stay ahead of the competition. For Blindman Brewery at Lac-ombe, the idea of crowd funding helped the operation get enough money to import foeders from France. A foeder, pronounced food-er, is a large oak vat used to age wine. […] Read more

A lack of domestically produced specialty malts force brewers to look far afield to meet their needs. | File photo

Growing Canadian craft beer sector thirsty for local malt

WINNIPEG — Craft breweries are a growing sub-sector of the Canadian beer industry, but the increased variety of local drink options are not necessarily 100 percent home-grown because a lack of domestically produced specialty malts force brewers to look far afield to meet their needs. “We get our base malt locally, but we don’t have […] Read more

David Hysert, past president of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, said the craft brewery revolution has led to a corresponding revolution in the hops industry. Craft brewers use 10 times the amount of hops as mainstream brewers.
 |  Sean Pratt photo

Craft breweries revitalize barley sector

The craft brewery revolution has transformed barley and hops demand, say experts. The United States is the mecca of craft beer with an estimated 4,144 breweries. The next largest market is the United Kingdom with 723. Canada ranks sixth at 483, according to Alltech, an animal health company that also owns a brewery. Craft breweries […] Read more