Beef producers’ access to Japanese market expands

Younger than 30 months | Move could double beef sales to Japan

Even as he announced a potential doubling of the value of Canadian beef exports to Japan Jan. 28, agriculture minister Gerry Ritz predicted more access to come. Japan has agreed to accept Canadian beef from cows younger than 30 months old, a decade after foreign markets slammed shut to Canadian beef because of BSE in […] Read more

Beef sector missing opportunities

Lack of leadership blamed | Canada depends too much on U.S. beef imports, says think-tank

Canada’s $6 billion beef industry is at a tipping point, lacking leadership and a strategy to cash in on its competitive advantages, says a new think-tank analysis. In a report published Sept. 10, the government and industry-funded Canadian Agricultural Policy Institute said the sector lacks champions to lead it into a more competitive future. And […] Read more

Canadian beef gets full access to United Arab Emirates

Beef from cattle of all ages may now be exported to the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is the first country in the Gulf Cooperation Council to fully open its borders. The trade could be worth about $1.3 million annually, said a federal government news release. It first agreed to buy beef from cattle younger […] Read more

B.C. examines cattle handling changes

Reviving beef in British Columbia | Survey shows consumers want antibiotic and hormone-free beef, will pay for organic

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Building a local market for hormone and antibiotic-free beef could be one way to rebuild British Columbia’s declining cattle community. An extensive study showed a third of B.C. consumers would be willing to buy and pay more for beef that was never treated. The British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association commissioned the analysis […] Read more

Beef ‘bacon’ adds value to trim meat

Looks the same | Canadian Beef Bacon boasts fewer calories and less cholesterol than pork

Richard Janzen is putting a new twist on the marketing slogan, “where’s the beef?” Janzen is manufacturing beef bacon from cow bellies. The president of Calgary-based Canadian Beef Bacon, which also markets beef ham, says his product adds to the animal’s total carcass value. “When you’re taking an extra 50 to 100 pounds of a […] Read more

Profits draw producers to ‘natural’

Markets decide | Some producers receiving bigger profits without hormones and antibiotics

When Will Samis decided five years ago to produce beef free of added growth hormones and antibiotics, his choice wasn’t prompted by antipathy toward the two products. Samis was tired of being a price taker in the beef business. “We were, as farmers, paying First World prices for inputs and competing for Third World prices […] Read more

Certified Angus program seeks Canadian producers

Popular in U.S. | Company sold 807 million lb. in 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Certified Angus Beef program wants more Canadian partners. The program, a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, sells around 32 million pounds of the branded product in 800 Canadian groceries and 600 restaurants. It believes it can do better, said Larry Corah, the program’s vice-president. Much of the product was Canadian […] Read more

U.S. would consider vaccination in FMD outbreak

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The United States would consider vaccination if foot-and-mouth disease should ever appear. The current government policy states infected and exposed livestock would be killed and then buried or burned but with more than 175 million cattle, sheep and hogs under threat, the task would be impossible and unaffordable, said officials with the […] Read more

EU fears Canadian beef imports

BRUSSELS, Belgium — At the core of Europe’s resistance to allowing greater access for Canadian beef is a deep-seated farmer conviction that they cannot compete because of unfair Canadian advantages. “Every farmer here feels deeply that they are not competitive with North American and Canadian production,” said Pekko Pesonen, secretary general of COPA, the European […] Read more

Survey shows most favour COOL change

The United States should look for a peaceful solution to reforming its mandatory country-of-origin labelling law rather than pushing for a prolonged fight with its trading partners. Canada and Mexico challenged the law in 2008 and last November, the World Trade Organization ruled it was not in compliance with international trade agreements. “The WTO ruling […] Read more