Safety specialist says ATV designed to maintain stability

A mother whose young son was killed in an ATV crash sometimes wonders if her son would be alive today had the machine been better safety features. Blaine Sanford, 6, died in the summer of 2015 after he and his three-year-old brother, Rhett, were thrown from the quad by either braking too hard or turning […] Read more

Can’t all-terrain and task vehicles be made safer?

Despite repeated safety warnings, the number of deaths related to ATV and UTV vehicle rollovers persists. Alberta, the province with the most ATV/UTV-related deaths on the Prairies, reported 185 deaths from 2002-13. In Saskatchewan, 25 people died from 2013-16 and 28 died in Manitoba during that same period. The deaths include those related to all-terrain […] Read more

Johnson’s Canal — cottage life at home

Ken and Lorrene Johnson don’t go boating at the lake. That’s because they brought the lake to their farm near Smiley, Sask. Just shy of a kilometre long, 36 metres wide and about four metres deep, Johnson’s Canal, as they call it, is the only homemade body of water in Saskatchewan that has its own […] Read more

Canada’s defence of hunting, fishing, farming ‘subtle’

Protect The Harvest, an organization that defends the right of Americans to hunt, fish and farm, likes to use provocative language on its website. It claims that the freedoms of rural Americans are “under attack” by extremist groups, like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The leaders of Protect the Harvest say the […] Read more

Build your own handling system

Expanding your farm’s size has benefits when it comes to economy of scale. But just like higher grain yields, the higher volume can create a schmozzle with your grain handling system. Buying or renting new land nearly always means spreading the farm further afield. That can leave you with grain bins scattered far apart. Or, […] Read more

Small shops compete for big bin business

The bin industry is a crowded place. While large corporations dominate the bulk of business, smaller companies carve out special niches to create their own unique products. Two of those companies are Novid Inc. in Rosenort, Man., and JTL Industries in Neilburg, Sask. Since their incorporation in 2003, Novid has grown to become North America’s […] Read more

Is natural air drying right for your bins?

Using forced natural air to dry tough grain is a bit like farming. There’s never a guarantee of success but a little bit of know-how can go a long way. John Ippolito, a regional crop specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says there are several factors that determine whether forced natural air has the ability to remove […] Read more

A farmer’s best friend is a large shop

It was getting tight in Darryl Klassen’s 32- by 64-foot shop south of Kindersley, Sask. The shop was part of the package deal when he bought what is now his home quarter. It quickly became a critical element in his oil hauling, custom spraying and new farming venture, which is now getting close to 5,400 […] Read more

Shop makes farming ‘much more pleasant’

Norm Basco used to work on equipment in his farm’s gravel-covered yard. If it was raining and his baler needed fixing, the Manitoba forage producer was out there turning wrenches. “I hated it,” he said. “Working out on gravel is awful.” It’s one of those things that makes a farmer age faster than he should. […] Read more

Shop becomes ‘unofficial community hall’

The cattle herd at Lonestone Farms was growing, as was the size and number of machines needed to take care of the purebred Red Angus and Simmental stock. “When my grandfather farmed, we would have had around 50 cows. As we got more cows, we needed more and more equipment to properly feed them and […] Read more