Fossilized feces give the scoop on dinosaurs

“The preservation of dinosaur feces is pretty rare,” said Donald Henderson, curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alta.

Feces stand a good chance of being destroyed by rain, washed away or eaten by other animals unless they are rapidly buried. “A skeleton can be broken up and swept downriver and we can still find the bones,” he said. “But once feces get disturbed, it’s gone.” However, samples have been found despite the difficulties. […] Read more

Participants do excavations at the Bodo archeological site during an adult dig-it camp.  |  Bodo Archeological Society photo

Visitors can get hands-on with Alta. history

Bodo Archeological Centre | Bones, beads 
and tools can be found at historic dig site

BODO, Alta. — Archeology excavators toil on the sun-baked prairie, often mired in muskeg and bog and at the mercy of unrelenting mosquitoes. It can take two days digging inch by inch with hand-held trowels and brushes to excavate one sq. foot. Pieces are carefully removed and the remaining dirt screened to discover remaining fragments. […] Read more