New bison code of practice good info for beef producers

Animal welfare is the underlying theme of Canada’s livestock codes of practice, and the recent bison update is no exception. It is a must read for bison producers and those contemplating getting into the business, but cattle producers would also benefit from reading it. The committee that developed the code comprised individuals involved in the […] Read more

Pig trial closes, the circus is over

So the trial, informally referred to as the “pig trial” has come to a close and the farming community leaves the courtroom with disappointment. Sort of. Rather than a one-sided legal win for animal rights activism, the verdict delivered in this mischief case actually supports Ontario farmers in a number of ways. Let’s start with […] Read more

Corporate focus on animal care sparks on-farm changes

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Major food corporations have taken a role in mandating animal welfare standards and wide-reaching effects that impact the farm. “Our ultimate goal is to make sure the animals are being taken care of as well as respect for the farmers and the suppliers,” said Christine Summers of Costco. With $116 billion in […] Read more

Humane housing top consumer concern

Ethical consumerism involves purchasing products believed to be raised in a humane and sustainable manner

COLUMBUS, Ohio — There is a shift toward ethical consumerism in the developed world with more people asking pointed questions about animal welfare and sustainable farming. “Once people have food security, they can afford to think about how their food is produced and how animals are treated in the process of becoming food,” said Candace […] Read more

VIDEO: ‘You manage what you measure’

Improvements to Canada’s livestock transportation regulations are commendable but they’re unlikely to have their intended effect unless they include financial incentives for compliance, says a leading American expert on animal welfare. “You have to have the right financial incentives,” said Temple Grandin, an expert on animal behaviour. “In some countries … for example, they get […] Read more

Researchers check for signs of stress in rodeo animals

LEDUC, Alta. — Events like the Calgary Stampede are often criticized for the treatment of rodeo animals, so to help quell the complaints Stampede officials have invited University of Calgary researchers to see what goes on behind the chutes. The focus is on the 10-day rodeo but the use of animals for display, performance and […] Read more

Chicken slaughter must be handled in ‘respectful’ way

RED DEER — The public generally accepts killing of chickens to produce food as long as it is humanely carried out, said a director of an Ontario hatchery. “The public for the most part is OK with it as long as we are fair,” said Mike Petrik, director of technical services at McKinley Hatchery in […] Read more

Focus on animal welfare increasing

More major food corporations are adopting farm animal welfare as part of their business culture. The fifth Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare reviewed 99 companies and found that more of them have formally adopted animal welfare policies, which include specific requirements from suppliers. The ratings are based on public information from the companies and […] Read more

Do the right thing, livestock handlers told

BANFF, Alta. — There’s probably a protest aimed at improving animal rights or animal welfare, somewhere in Canada, every day. Livestock producers and transporters are sometimes challenged to deal with them. The best way, and in Geraldine Auston’s view the only way, is to always do the right thing. She said that means handling animals […] Read more

Standards developed for no-stun livestock slaughter

Public consultation is being sought on the practice of slaughtering animals without stunning them first. Animal slaughter processes for the halal and kosher markets do not allow stunning in accordance with religious belief. The market for such meat is growing, but there is no national standard in Canada for acceptable practices. “What is acceptable can […] Read more