Standards developed for no-stun livestock slaughter

Public consultation is being sought on the practice of slaughtering animals without stunning them first. Animal slaughter processes for the halal and kosher markets do not allow stunning in accordance with religious belief. The market for such meat is growing, but there is no national standard in Canada for acceptable practices. “What is acceptable can […] Read more

Chilliwack dairy owners plead guilty in animal abuse case

Owners of one of Canada’s largest dairies, Chilliwack Cattle Sales of Chilliwack, B.C., have pleaded guilty and been fined for abuse of dairy cows that was captured in an undercover video in 2014. The firm pleaded guilty to three charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and on Dec. 16 was fined $75,000 […] Read more

Benchmark sought for antibiotic use in swine

Benchmark sought for antibiotic use in swine

Swine veterinarians will begin a program this month to document antimicrobial use in hog production. Dr. Dawn Magrath of Innovative Veterinary Services in Lethbridge said the new program will see veterinarians document their clients’ swine herd antimicrobial use to establish a benchmark on what is being used and how much. Magrath said producer data will […] Read more