Farmers who rely on their own NH3 nurse tanks received good news April 23 as Transport Canada changed its rules. | File photo

Feds further relax NH3 tank restrictions

Fertilizer Canada received a revised Equivalency Certificate (SH12501.2) and a revised Temporary Certificate (TH 0651.1) to provide short-term compliance relief on nurse tank hydrostatic testing requirements. Fertilizer Canada and the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR) have been in negotiations with Transport Canada since 2017 to secure a set of nurse tank regulations that they say […] Read more

Farmers who apply anhydrous ammonia from their own tanks have options in 2018.  |  File photo

Farmer-owned NH3 tanks off the hook

When Transport Canada granted anhydrous ammonia tanks a reprieve on its stricter inspection criteria until June 30, the question of farmer-owned tanks was left swinging in abeyance. There was concern that farmer-owned tanks had been overlooked. In response, Fertilizer Canada and CAAR pushed the federal department for clarification on farmer-owned tanks. That result, along with […] Read more

About 20 percent of prairie farmland relies on NH3 for its nitrogen source. However new rules might see 80 percent of tanks sitting this spring.  |  File photo

Anhydrous application in jeopardy this spring

It appears the federal government might have used regulations to freeze up to 80 percent of the NH3 nurse tanks in Canada for this spring. Approximately 20 percent of the cropped acres in Western Canada are fertilized with anhydrous ammonia, and most farmers and fertilizer dealers can’t make major operational changes in the remaining time […] Read more

Rules that ensure that NH3 tanks are able to roll through the 2018 seeding season are in place after negotiations last week.  |  File photo

Transport Canada releases NH3 carts

An estimated 40 to 50 percent of the prairie anhydrous ammonia fleet had been potentially tied up in Transport Canada red tape as of Jan. 12, meaning they would not have seen service this spring. It was a tense week as the players negotiated a path to allow existing NH3 tanks to temporarily circumvent the […] Read more

NH3 tanks like this one are the backbones of many producers’ seeding operations.  |  File photo

The back-story: anhydrous tanks good for another year

The Western Producer reported a year ago that a Transport Canada bureaucratic schmozzle was tying up anhydrous ammonia carts in Western Canada, thus preventing them from hauling NH3. In the Jan. 12, 2017, story titled, “Chaos in fertilizer sector over NH3 tank rules,” we reported that the existing standard TC51 had been stricken from the […] Read more

NH3 tanks form the backbone of fertilizer application on many Canadian farms.  |  File photo

Chaos in fertilizer sector over NH3 tank rules

Anhydrous ammonia industry left out of consultations on Transport Canada’s changes to tank design and testing

With the implementation date for new NH3 tank regulations vague and parts of the new rules in abeyance, it could be a long time before Canadians are able to buy new tanks. “There currently is no design and construction standard for ammonia tanks used for field application. There will be no new ammonia tanks constructed […] Read more