David, left, and Dyce Bolduc say they are honoured to be recognized for their work helping to improve the Angus breed.  |  Photo supplied by Canadian Angus

Award winning breeders explore DNA testing

Alberta ranch is the inaugural recipient of the Certified Angus Beef Canadian Commitment to Excellence Award 

When Dyce Bolduc bought three Angus females at a sale in 1967, it was a way to assert his independence. He didn’t know then that it was the start of a 51-year career in Angus cattle and the start of the Cudlobe Angus operation that he and his brother, David, built on a ranch near […] Read more

Bud McBride was a judge at the recent Calgary Bull Sale. He is delighted to see how Angus cattle have grown in popularity.  |  File photo

Life revolves around Angus for devoted breeder

Still judging cattle | Breeder enjoys meeting others in the business

Some of Bud McBride’s dreams are coming true after 75 years of involvement with black cattle. “In our dispersal catalogue, I wrote a line saying, ‘I can hardly wait to see the pastures turn black,’ and have they ever,” he said in an interview during the recent Calgary Bull Sale, where he judged the Angus […] Read more

Commercial producers who focus on profitability could find advantages in Hereford-Angus crossbreeds. | File photo

Commercial producers should focus on profit

Heavily promoting purebred cattle is a common ploy among breeders, but for the commercial producer, profitability should rule. “As an industry we spent a lot of time focusing on sexy traits, not profit traits,” said animal scientist Dave Daley from the University of California, Chico. “We have a bias that says purebreds are always better. […] Read more

Angus cattle have made significant quality improvements since the Certified Angus Beef program began in 1978. | File photo

Certified Angus program seeks Canadian producers

Popular in U.S. | Company sold 807 million lb. in 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Certified Angus Beef program wants more Canadian partners. The program, a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, sells around 32 million pounds of the branded product in 800 Canadian groceries and 600 restaurants. It believes it can do better, said Larry Corah, the program’s vice-president. Much of the product was Canadian […] Read more