U.S. biofuel target boosts soyoil, canola

Oilseed prices, including canola, rose following the announcement of new U.S. biofuel targets last week. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s overall biofuel target of 19.28 billion gallons for 2017 was larger than expected and the component for advanced biofuels of 4.28 billion gallons, which includes biodiesel from vegetable oil, was particularly strong. On Nov. 27, […] Read more

Right wing politics zero in on ag policy

American humorist Will Rogers once noted that he “wasn’t a member of any organized political party” because “I am a Democrat.” The crack is dead-on funny because it’s bulls-eye true. Just ask any Democrat. Agricultural Republicans on Capitol Hill, however, are working feverishly to take the title from Rogers’ Dems. Last month, festering differences between […] Read more

Political battle puts farm bill in crossfire

For all of last year’s talk in American government circles about completing a farm bill before this year’s spring planting, the message from Congress to farmers now appears to be, “take two aspirins and we’ll call you in June.” The first part of the message, take two aspirins, is good advice for anyone attempting to […] Read more