Fill’er up … with vegetable oil

Farmer converted his Massey combine to run on used vegetable oil but warns farmers not to try it with expensive machinery

ROSETOWN, Sask. — The fragrance of fresh french fries floats over the field of flax. Ray Labrecque was on the final few rounds to finish harvest on his 1,000-acre farm and had only burned about 200 gallons of diesel in his combine this year. That’s because he converted his 1997 8570 Massey to run on […] Read more

Project spins brown into gold

Turning manure into energy isn’t cheap, but it could be economically feasible for a large western Canadian feedlot, according to the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute. The feasibility study conducted by the research facility is part of its ongoing study into manure and biogas production. Many farms in Europe and parts of Canada are already making […] Read more