Alberta wheat growers call for improved grading system

The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is renewing calls for a modernized Canadian grain grading system that’s more in line with international market demands for Canadian wheat. In a Nov. 17 news release, the AWC says the Canadian wheat grading system needs to be reformed to “improve long-term profitability for farmers.” The AWC is calling on […] Read more

Growers urged to sharpen marketing skills

The Alberta Wheat Commission encourages growers to get a good handle on the quality of wheat they’re selling before pulling the trigger on delivery. AWC chair Kevin Auch told The Western Producer last week that wheat quality will be highly variable this year, adding that growers should look beyond grade and familiarize themselves with all […] Read more

Alberta commission proposes combined wheat levy

The Alberta Wheat Commission is proposing a 7.6 percent reduction in provincial wheat checkoffs effective next August. In its most recent newsletter to provincial wheat growers, the commission outlines a plan to combine two wheat checkoffs that currently exist in Alberta and establish one refundable wheat levy in its place. Alberta wheat growers currently pay […] Read more

Alta. wheat growers call for rail improvements

The Alberta Wheat Commission is renewing calls for regulatory reforms that it says will lead to a more equitable relationship between railways and grain shippers. In a Sept. 15 news release, the commission called for improved railway accountability through the introduction of reciprocal monetary penalties that could be applied against grain shippers or railway companies […] Read more