The Netherlands-based Ploeger launched the CM4240 at Agritechnica last winter, which is a self propelled rotary rake developed specifically for grass forage. | Robin Booker photo

Tough grass, low-volume conditions made for rake

A 260-horsepower self-propelled rotary rake has been developed by Ploeger for windrowing grass in silage production. “It’s a self-propelled belt merger, it has two five-metre-wide elements, which will pick up grass onto the belt and then you can discharge it left or right,” said Niels Antonissen of Ploeger. “Or they can be separated, leaving space, […] Read more

The John Deere sprayer attachment for the VoloDrone has a nine-meter boom, two product tanks and a pump. Volocopter estimates it will be able to spray up to 13 acres per hour.  |  Robin Booker photo

Spray drone with payloads up to 200 kg.

Hannover, Germany — Volocopter built upon its passenger helicopter technology to develop a cargo drone that has agricultural applications. The Volocopter is a German two-seat multi-rotor electric air vehicle designed for passenger air travel in an urban environment. The company displayed its VoloDrone Demonstrator fit with John Deere spraying technology in John Deer’s future technology […] Read more

The RSM F2650 is a Russian-made forage harvester that is powered by a 611 horsepower Mercedes engine and can be fitted with a 4.5 metre, six metre and 7.5 metre corn header, a six metre grass header and a three metre pickup for windrows. | Robin Booker photo

Russian forage harvester possible for Canada

The company, which owns Versatile, must first look at what changes it would need to make before entering the market

HANNOVER, Germany — The Rostselmash booth in the Russian section at Agritechnica was well attended, and one of the company’s most impressive offerings, the RSM F lineup of forage harvesters, may soon be available in Canada. Speaking through a translator, Sergey Savenkov of Rostselmash said the company is studying the Canadian market to see if […] Read more

Redekop’s Seed Control Unit attaches below choppers, taking up to 70 h.p. from a mechanical belt drive.  |  Redekop photo

VIDEO: Canadian cage mill teams up with JD

Customers can order the impact mill as an option on S-Series combines, and more brands will be added for 2021

A Canadian-built cage mill that attaches to combine choppers and destroys weed seeds during harvest is now on the market. Saskatoon-based Redekop held the public launch of its Seed Control Unit in the John Deere booth at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, last November. Redekop owner Trevor Thiessen said the company’s been developing its impact mill […] Read more

John Deere’s autonomous electric tractor is a research project the company put together to see what one might look like. The machines might work in a swarm to complete field operations. The tractor uses 500 kilowatts of power, with 250 used by the drives and the other 250 powering an implement. In total, this prototype has approximately 670 horsepower. | Robin Booker photo

Ag equipment giant unveils the future

John Deere’s Future Technology Zone displayed research into automation, electrification and artificial intelligence

HANNOVER, Germany — New agricultural products are being launched at a breakneck speed, and some of the more innovative offerings are launched by small and nimble companies that can quickly transform trail-blazing technologies into agricultural platforms. Large companies can be at a disadvantage when it comes to rapid use of the latest innovations because they […] Read more

This JCB Fastrac 4000 is fitted with a 30 metre Dammann sprayer and 3,700 litres of capacity.  |  Robin Booker photo

Tractor gets serious about heavy loads

The JCB Fastrac 4000 series may interest producers who want to use it for pulling fertilizer spreaders and sprayers

HANNOVER, Germany — Upgraded axles in the JCB Fastrac 4000 series enables the tractors to handle heavier loads. “We have now eight tonnes in the front and 10 tonnes in the rear,” Michael Mayer of Fastrac said during Agritechnica in Hannover. “It’s a legal thing, so you are allowed to put more weight on it, […] Read more

Deere’s X9 twin-rotor combine was on display at Hannover’s Agritechnica Nov. 10.  |  Robin Booker photo

Deere previews next-generation combine

Twin-rotor tracked machine clipped to 
terrain chasing, hinged draper future of 
harvesting at Deere

HANNOVER, Germany — John Deere previewed its twin-rotor X9 combine and a matching draper header designed for small grains and oilseeds, during Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany Nov. 10. Matt Arnold, product manager in John Deere’s future combines division said the X9 is a productivity step beyond the S790, the largest Deere combine currently on the […] Read more

Claas added a 530 h.p., four-track articulated machine to its lineup during Germany’s Agritechnica. Dutch manufacturer Zuidberg builds the crawler system that is outfitted with 30 inch CAMSO tracks resulting in a final external width for the tractor of less than three meters.  |  Robin Booker photo

Claas adds four-track, non-articulated, high horsepower tractor

HANNOVER, Germany – Claas joined an elite group of tractor manufactures that offer high-horsepower, tractors with four tracks, with their launch of the Xerion TRAC TS at Agritechnica in Germany. Both the Xerion 5000, with 530 h.p., and the Xerion 4500, at 490 h.p., will be offered in the TRAC TS class. Henning Ressmeyer of […] Read more

Autonomous machinery has been an ever-growing aspect of Agritechnica and John Deere’s smaller field-spraying robot, designed to be part of a herd, is just one the many units that was at last week’s event.  |  Chris McCullough photo

High tech machinery crucial for the future

HANNOVER, Germany — If there was one key message pitched to visitors at the huge Agritechnica Show in Germany, it was that investing in high-tech, efficient machinery is vital to a profitable farming future. More than 450,000 farmers, contractors and machinery enthusiasts took in the week-long event in Hannover, which is regarded as the world’s […] Read more

Hermann Lohbeck of Claas says the farm machinery market is improving around the globe, due in part to new technologlies.  |  Michael Raine photo

Farm machinery sales may shift out of reverse

HANOVER, Germany — Tough times on the farm caused by poor crop prices have left the farm machinery industry struggling under the weight of shareholder expectations and market instability. Many in the industry hope that recent improvements in sales might be marking a turning point. “Farmers have had to make tough choices. Not just in […] Read more