Some follow the game or get the latest weather while sitting in the cab; others delve into faraway lands through storytelling podcasts. | File photo

Life in the slow lane: what are farmers listening to?

Hours and hours and hours. Alone. That’s a common situation for farmers for weeks and often months a year as they seed, spray, swath, combine and drive truck on and off the farm. So what do farmers listen to? Do they listen to anything in the cab? How is what they’re listening to today different […] Read more

Jordan Webber of Coronation, Alta., says the Area One Farms partnership will allow his family to expand.
|  Ron Lyseng photo

Mr. Investor, meet Mr. Farmer

There’s a new group of investors out there who have a fresh look at the potential of Canadian agriculture

CALGARY — Prairie farmers have relied on borrowed money since 1812 when the first Selkirk settlers ran lines of credit to buy axes, seed and supplies from the Hudson Bay company. Since then, sources of farm credit have expanded to include banks and credit unions, along with federal and provincial governments. As land and input […] Read more

Kevin Folta spoke about the challenges of finding correct information about GMOs and agriculture innovations.  |  Ed White photo

Science educators challenge activists

High school science teachers, university professors and researchers are starting to realize that it is probably up to them to defend genetically modified crops and other modern innovations. Science educators and experts are taking the issue seriously after years of activists being allowed to dominate the public debates that rage around food and agriculture. “Information […] Read more

Guarding the guardians

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards themselves? It was interesting to note a recent website launch designed to keep watch on the Humane Society of the United States, a group whose stated purpose is to “seek a humane and sustainable world for all animals.” Its Canadian affiliate is Humane Society International. What […] Read more

A nice, innocuous explanation

This morning I watched a YouTube clip about American country-of-origin labelling. It’s a clean and clear explanation of COOL’s advantages to U.S. consumers. The material is well crafted and makes perfect sense at the consumer level, aimed as it is at a grocery buying target audience. There is reference to COOL labelling on meat from […] Read more

It’s important to rotini and rotelle

If you’ve got a hankering for pasta, this Sunday might be the time to indulge. Oct. 25 is world pasta day, so designated to raise awareness of pasta and its base ingredient, durum wheat. Canada is the world’s biggest producer of durum used in pasta. More than half the durum in the world — four […] Read more

Meeting and fretting

Once every year, all members of the Western Producer editorial department gather for a meeting. People from our bureaus (in Calgary, Camrose, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg and Ottawa) come to Saskatoon and meet with the Saskatoon-based reporters and editors. We sit in a room and ponder one overwhelming question: how the heck can we get a […] Read more

Producer, Seducer, Depressor

I'm not sure how we earned the Seducer nickname, other than word similarity. Perhaps the paper seduces prospective farmers with news of the industry?