Flax prepares to take on cotton

Building processing plant | Focus switches from hemp in Saskatchewan to flax in South Carolina

A company that once intended to build a Saskatchewan processing plant to turn hemp into clothing fibre is heading to market using a different crop in a different geography. Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. (NAT) has signed commercialization agreements for its Crailar Flax Fiber with major clothing manufacturers and retailers. The company recently completed its final […] Read more

Alberta’srat control nets results

Norway rats can be confused with gophers or muskrats. 

The battle against rats in Alberta, which had considered itself rat free, continues in Medicine Hat and environs. As of Aug. 29, 146 rats had been exterminated, 111 of them in the regional landfill, 18 in the City of Medicine Hat and 17 in the surrounding Cypress County. Medicine Hat and Alberta Agriculture news releases […] Read more

NDP seeks ways to re-establish roots in West

2013 national convention | Party to present winning strategies for retrieving western votes

When federal New Democrats gather next year at a national convention, they will be presented with a proposal on how to re-win the West, says an MP involved in the project. Niki Ashton, MP for the northern Manitoba riding of Churchill and one of only three prairie NDP MPs, said Aug. 30 that party activists […] Read more

Potash mining best left to those who know best

I hate being on holidays when really interesting news breaks. It happens remarkably often. In 2003, for example, it was BSE, which really blew my mind. This time, it was potash. This time, though, the announcements did not blow my mind. You may recall that Vale SA, the massive Brazilian mining company, postponed and is […] Read more

The cost of doing business in agriculture

  Some Ontario farmers, like their colleagues across parts of North America, are bracing for meagre returns on their investments this growing season. Crops have dried up and failed to mature in many parts of the province. Drought has destroyed early spring’s promise of a good year and farmers will begin the struggle to cover […] Read more

Big money in producers’ astute marketing

Consider two farms with the same acreage and the same yields. One has a gross return of $750,000 for the year, while the other easily tops $1 million. That’s the difference marketing can make. The additional revenue probably came with little or no additional cost, making a huge difference in profitability between the two operations. […] Read more

Buhler posts profit

Tractor and equipment maker Buhler Industries posted third quarter profit of $6.8 million, up 48 percent from last year at the same time and a record for the quarter. Revenue climbed 24 percent to $95.8 million, also a record. The Winnipeg company reported increased sales at home and overseas.

Dealing with depression

Q: I think that my husband is depressed, but he will not admit it and refuses to see a doctor to do something about it. Instead, he continues to pace up and down the living room floor almost nightly. He eats barely enough to keep a chicken alive and he spends hours during the day […] Read more

Formalizing top roles

An increasing number of farms are finding themselves in situations where they are considering a chief executive officer type application for their businesses. The degree of formality of the actual position and its title varies from business to business, depending on size, complexity, and organizational preferences. Potential roles and responsibilities of the CEO are summarized […] Read more

Lethbridge plant expanded

Richardson Oilseed | Improvements made in packaging, blending, storage

A $15 million expansion to the Richardson Oilseed plant in Leth-bridge is officially complete and will allow the company to offer a broader range of canola-based products. Shirley Gilmour, director of operations for the plant, said the expansion improved packaging, blending and storage facilities at the plant. Canola oil can now be blended on site […] Read more