Digging deeper into ag census numbers

The recently released 2011 agricultural census shows that the number of farms in Canada has decreased by 10.3 percent, while the average farm size has increased by 6.9 percent. This doesn’t mean that family farm operators are getting out and leaving farming to corporations with little interest in sustaining the land and the communities that […] Read more

Average farmer age rises, says census

Nearly 50 percent older than 55 | Bank official says more agriculture graduates are needed

It was a Census of Agriculture finding that caught many industry leaders and analysts by surprise. Despite optimism in the industry and anecdotal evidence about a growing interest by younger people in coming back to the farm, the average farmer age has actually been rising sharply. The average age of a farmer rose two years […] Read more

Census details farm picture

Statistics Canada | Glimpse into ag sector offers some surprises

In its first report on the 2011 census of agriculture, Statistics Canada says Canadian agriculture is continuing to consolidate and adapt to changing conditions. Based on returns from 97 percent of surveyed farmers last year, the federal agency says the number of “census” farmers fell 10 percent to 205,000 in the five years between 2006 […] Read more