Countries can be food insecure even when supply exists. Canada, for example, is a country where food supply exists in abundance, which allows us to be the fifth largest exporter of agricultural and agrifood products in the world, yet more than four million Canadians are food insecure. | File photo

Food security more complex issue than we often acknowledge

Too often the term global food security is used to justify our existence as farmers. As an industry, we’ve named organizations, government departments and major marketing campaigns based around the term food security. What usually begins as frightening projections on global population growth urges us as farmers to produce more to feed a “growing global […] Read more

Biobeds can be set up in-ground or above it. A raised biobed at the Canada Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre at Outlook, Sask., creates a place for microbes in to degrade pesticides and reduce the risk of contaminating water with sprayer waste.  |  File photo

Biobeds tackle pesticide waste, boost consumer trust

Pesticides are an important tool used in modern agriculture, and for the most part, farmers are getting better at communicating this to consumer audiences. What we rarely talk about, however, is how we dispose of leftover effluent from spray operations and cleaning. While best practices for disposing of pesticide waste certainly exist, pesticide residues are […] Read more

Returning to the farm can be exciting but challenging

Editor’s note: We welcome a new columnist to the Western Producer this week. Katelyn Duncan is a younger farmer from the Regina area, farming on a century farm with her family. She is an agrologist, has worked for Saskatchewan Agriculture, headed up Saskatchewan Young Ag Entrepreneurs, been a field agrologist and crop adviser with Western […] Read more