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Some people divorce and some people don’t

Not all of Clive Tolley’s clients want a divorce. Some just want some space. “I’ve had several clients that have got to a time in their life where they just wanted to have some independence and do some things they wanted to do and didn’t get a chance to do. They kind of still love […] Read more

The Eirickson family cemetery is on a slight knoll overlooking a lush green pasture and the gently sloping ravine that runs through it.  A statue of St. Francis of Assis watches over the graves of  Oli and Irene Eirickson, laid to rest there in 2010 and 2013. |  Shirley Byers photo

Family establishes on-farm cemetery

Don Eirickson acknowledges that his family’s decision to establish a cemetery on the farm may not be one everyone agrees with. “Some people might think we’re a little bit off the wall but we’ve never regretted it,” he says. The Eirickson family cemetery is on a slight knoll overlooking a lush green pasture and the […] Read more

Buyers who reside in Canada for at least 183 days a year can own farmland, even if they aren’t Canadian citizens.  |  File photo

Who can buy your farm?

Rob and Grace were a few years away from retirement when one of the “neighbour kids”, who was now an adult, pulled into the yard one day fresh from the rigs and driving a shiny new truck with an offer to buy their farm — a very substantial offer. Rob might have gone for it. […] Read more

Ownership trends tracked

A study involving three universities tracks the changing pattern of farmland ownership in three Saskatchewan rural municipalities. The work was conducted by Andre Magnan at the University of Regina in collaboration with Annette Desmarais at the University of Manitoba and Darrin Qualman and Nettie Wiebe from the University of Saskatchewan. It is titled Land grabbing […] Read more

Brain games enlisted to combat mental aging

If regular physical exercise can keep our bodies fit, can brain training games do the same for our brains? Can specially designed games, playable on a computer or smartphone, give us the brain equivalent of a well-toned body? As with many questions, it depends on who you ask. Challenging your brain supports brain function and […] Read more

Before you go, be sure they know

About 10 years before his death, Steven, a Saskatchewan farmer, began work on the casket he wanted to be buried in. “Those damned undertakers charge too much,” he muttered. “Just put me in this box and I’ll be fine.” It was made of mahogany plywood, a simple design wider at the head and shoulders end, […] Read more

Population experts argue that because people are living longer, 60 to 65 could be considered middle-aged.  |  Getty Image

Is 60 really the new 40?

Many people believe that a person who is 60 years old today is about equivalent in health to that of a 40-year-old 20 years ago. Is that the product of wishful thinking, or is true? It’s common for many of us to automatically change our definitions of “old” to somebody 15 or 20 years older […] Read more

Regular physical activity can reduce muscle loss and allow people to maintain strength as they age.  |  Getty Images

Exercise can enrich, enhance and maybe extend your life

Exercise releases hormones that allow muscles to absorb amino acids, which helps them grow and reduces their breakdown

Last July, Ruth Chorney underwent surgery to have her left hip replaced. About a month before, the retired educator and farmer began doing specific exercises recommended to her by her physiotherapist; exercises designed for the needs of a hip replacement candidate. A life-long active woman, she welcomed the opportunity to participate in her health outcome. […] Read more

Some suggest that baby boomers who have put in decades of traditional camping deserve to glamp.  |  Getty Images

Gone glamping: roughing it with luxury in mind

The word glamping, or glamorous camping, found its way into the Oxford English dictionary in 2016, but the concept of glamping has been around since the 16th century when the Scottish Earl of Atholl orchestrated an ultra-luxurious glamping experience in the Highlands for his guests, King James and his mother. The earl, or more likely […] Read more

Peter and Lori Sereda retired late last year.  |  Shirley Byers photo

Alta. couple not retired from life — just farming

Peter and Lori Sereda harvested their last crop this fall and on Oct. 2 they left their grain farm, southeast of Bow Island, Alta. They moved into their new home and a new life in the town of Coaldale, Alta., near Lethbridge, about 90 km from Bow Island. For a period of their farming career […] Read more