ASF has never been found in Canada and there are national efforts underway to keep it from entering the country and to deal with it should it arrive. An outbreak of the disease would close borders and cause havoc in the pork industry. | File photo

African swine fever research efforts expand

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre is now able to test the vaccines it develops

BANFF, Alta. — The vaccine centre based in Saskatoon is now able to test potential vaccines to combat African swine fever. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Jan. 8 that the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre, based at the University of Saskatchewan, can now more fully participate in the search for a response […] Read more

African swine fever has devastated China’s hog herd and significantly increased demand for foreign pork.  |  Reuters photo

China reshapes meat market

LONDON/BEIJING, (Reuters) — China is scouring the world for meat to replace the millions of pigs killed by African swine fever. China’s search is boosting prices, business and profits for European and South American meat packers as it re-shapes global markets for pork, beef and chicken. The European Union, the world’s second largest pork producer […] Read more

If ASF arrived in the United States, damages could be as high as US$16 billion for the agriculture industry in the first year because it could affect the entire pork complex.
 | REUTERS/Kacper Pempel photo

North America braces for African swine fever shock

The deadly hog virus may already be on this continent but has not made its way into the pig herd, which would be catastrophic

African swine fever may have already arrived in North America but hasn’t found its way to farms. “The chances of keeping the virus out of a country is very low,” said veterinarian Scott Dee. High volumes of products come from China where the disease is rampant. Since the virus has a long life, it could […] Read more

In a March 11 report, the U.S. agricultural attache to China forecasted a 13 percent reduction in the country’s swine herd to 374 million animals by the end of 2019 from 428 million at the start of the year.
 | File photo

USDA expects smaller ASF impact on China

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a far more conservative estimate of the carnage that African swine fever has caused to China’s hog herd than most agricultural analysts and economists. In a March 11 report, the U.S. agricultural attache to China forecasted a 13 percent reduction in the country’s swine herd to 374 million animals […] Read more

World Pork Expo is held each June in Des Moines, Iowa, hosting about 20,000 visitors over three days, including individuals and exhibitors from parts of the world where African swine fever has been found.  |  File photo

African swine fever cancels World Pork Expo

The National Pork Producers Council in the United States has cancelled the World Pork Expo planned for June in Des Moines, Iowa, because of fears of spreading African swine fever. The council’s board of directors took the unprecedented move in recognition that ASF continues to spread in China and other parts of Asia, as well […] Read more

Wild boar that escaped from farms and now run wild across the Prairies could become a way for African swine fever to spread to the domestic herd.  |  File photo

Feral pigs, wild boar pose African swine fever threat

Pigs do great in Canada. The problem is, it’s not just pigs in barns that do great. “They don’t just survive up here, they thrive,” Red Deer swine veterinarian Egan Brockhoff said about wild pigs, of which there are many in Canada. Across North America there are millions. Wild pigs and wild boars — two […] Read more

Market observers estimate that it will be five to seven years before China can rebuild its hog herd and restore the traditional import balance.  |  Reuters photo

African swine fever to upend markets

China is expected to import far fewer soybeans in the future as the pork sector declines and purchase much more meat

African swine fever will “shake up the basket” of global agricultural trade for years to come, says an industry analyst. Arlan Suderman, chief commodities analyst with INTL FCStone, said his contacts in China tell him hog feeding is down 40 percent. The contacts include INTL FCStone staff on the ground as well as Chinese feed […] Read more

China’s African swine fever outbreak is expected to have a global impact on the meat trade.  |  Reuters/Jordan Gale photo

African swine fever threat hangs over industry

China’s sow numbers are estimated to be down 15 percent, which could force it to look for alternative protein sources

RED DEER — The calamity of African swine fever in China could completely change the global protein structure. Millions of pigs have died from the fatal virus so China will begin a multi-year surge of pork imports and probably beef and poultry as well to fill demand and replace lost production. Chinese meat prices will […] Read more

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay, left, and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue have talked about the potential threat of African swine fever to the North American hog industry.  |  Robert Arnason photos

Canadian, U.S. officials keep watch for African swine fever

WASHINGTON, D.C. — African swine fever is a top of mind concern for Canada’s agriculture minister. Lawrence MacAulay has discussed the disease and the potential threat to North America’s hog industry on a couple of occasions with United States Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. “We have to realize it’s in China, it’s in Vietnam, it’s right […] Read more