Han Yi feeds pigs on his farm at a village in Changtu county in China’s Liaoning province in January. African swine fever has done significant damage to the country’s hog sector.  |  Reuters/Ryan Woo photo

China links ASF to infected meat

An international forum on African swine fever held in Ottawa also discussed zoning and compartmentalization tactics

Chinese officials believe that African swine fever entered the country with people who brought in meat infected with the virus. Since then, the highly infectious animal disease has killed millions of pigs in China and caused the eradication of many more as the country attempts to control and eradicate it. The presumed source of China’s […] Read more

The Canadian Pork Council says it spends 60 percent of its time dealing with African swine fever. | Screencap via cpc-ccp.com

Farmers confident about ASF

The prospect of African swine fever is terrifying but the mood in Manitoba, Canada’s most export-reliant pork province, is resolute and optimistic. “In the 30 years I was with the (federal agriculture) department, I never saw that level of co-operation and collaboration we’ve got going today,” said Canadian Pork Council executive director John Ross about […] Read more

World Pork Expo, held each June in Des Moines, hosts about 20,000 visitors over three days, including individuals and exhibitors from ASF positive regions. | Screencap via worldpork.org

World Pork Expo cancelled due to African swine fever

The National Pork Producers Council in the United States has cancelled the World Pork Expo planned for June in Des Moines, Iowa, because of fears of spreading African swine fever. The council’s board of directors took the unprecedented move in recognition that ASF continues to spread in China and other parts of Asia, as well […] Read more

Canada’s main objective is to keep African swine fever out of the country’s hog herd, but the industry is also taking about how to respond if it does arrive.  |  File photo

Is Canada ready for African swine fever?

This week The Western Producer takes a look at the scary prospect of African swine fever being found in Canada. John Ross sits through a lot of meetings. As executive director of the Canadian Pork Council, Ross is continually in talks with provincial pork associations, American hog producers and other livestock organizations in Canada. Over […] Read more

Canada imports pork from Poland, despite African swine fever

If the disease appears in Canada, countries could ban imports of Canadian pork and cause billions in economic damage

Canada continues to import pork from Poland, even though the country has had hundreds of cases of African swine fever. For the first 11 months of 2018, Canada imported more than $25 million worth of pork from the European country, based on Agriculture Canada data. Infected meat is the primary vector of African swine fever, […] Read more

A worker disinfects a vehicle March 9 near a farm where African swine fever was detected in Yulin, China. The hog disease is widespread in that country, and Ottawa is taking steps to ensure it does not spread to Canada.  |  Reuters photo

Feds take African swine fever action

Extra sniffer dogs will look for illegal meat products and the CFIA makes zoning plans in case disease found here

There will be more dogs sniffing luggage and passengers at Canadian airports in coming years as Agriculture Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency seek to block African swine fever. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced plans March 14 to add 24 sniffer dogs to the 15-dog complement already on the job. The increase will […] Read more

Beagles and other sniffer dogs are used at air and sea ports to detect illegal shipments of meat — in containers or in the luggage of travelers. | Screencap via YouTube/USDA

U.S. adds sniffer dogs to combat African swine fever

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is adding 60 teams of sniffer dogs to keep African swine fever out of the country. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the move this morning as part of a larger initiative to improve border security and biosecurity at hog farms. African swine fever is spreading through pig herds in […] Read more