Women urged to action, make an impact

Females are becoming farm owners and decision-makers, but more need to step up and be leaders, says speaker

CALGARY — Technological advancements are making farms more female friendly. “It’s brains over brawn today,” said Maggie Van Camp, editor of Country Guide magazine. In her own life, automated systems in her broiler chicken operation in Ontario allow her to work off the farm. During the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference in Calgary March 7, […] Read more

Be advocates, educate on food safety

Karen Morrison attended the Advancing Women In Agriculture Conference in Calgary and filed this report. CALGARY — Scientific evidence alone is not sufficient to sway the minds of increasingly skeptical consumers about food safety. Jennifer Henderson, director of food safety with Cargill, reminded those attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference March 7 in Calgary […] Read more

Business model puts family first, says expert

CALGARY — Operating the farm as a business-first family operation rather than a family-first business shifts the tone of the conversation, said Alberta farmer Connie Stasiuk. The participant at the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference in Calgary said doing so takes the emotion out of the equation. “When talking about business, it’s strictly the dynamics, […] Read more