It’s estimated that more than 155,000 Alberta energy wells have no economic potential and will eventually require reclamation.  |  Barb Glen photo

Orphan wells: Alberta’s $47 billion problem

As energy sector companies fail, landowners wonder who’s on the hook for reclamation costs of wells and pipelines

TABER, Alta. — As farmers drove to the March 8 Action Surface Rights meeting, the news had just broken that Calgary-based Sequoia Resources Corp. had ceased operations. Its demise, if it occurs, would add at least another 2,300 oil and gas wells and possibly as many as 4,000 to the list of energy infrastructure sites […] Read more

Oil wells on the prairies create issues after the pumping stops.  |  WP photo by Michael Raine.

Supreme Court agrees to hear Alta. producers’ case against abandoned oil wells

Farmers are being left to deal with contaminated land as the number of abandoned wells continues to grow

A group with the backing of farmers is heading to the Supreme Court of Canada to oppose a legal ruling that lets energy companies abandon unprofitable oil wells. The court announced in late January that it will hear from the Action Surface Rights group, an organization dedicated to helping rural landowners deal with energy companies […] Read more

The Alberta Energy Regulator will be given more authority to scrutinize companies that want to return to produce more oil.  |  File photo

Alta. gets tougher on abandoned oil wells

The Alberta government plans to further scrutinize bad-behaving oil companies that abandon their wells, don’t clean them up and then want to return to produce more oil. At issue is a requirement known as Directive 67, which deals with how oil companies are licensed when they want to start drilling. Currently, oil companies can declare […] Read more