Corteva has worked with its seed partners to bridge some gaps in hybrid performance and now has Clearfield hybrids with more flexible agronomic traits such as resistance to blackleg and clubroot, as well as HarvestMax, a maximum yield management trait that provides growers with the flexibility to swath, delay swath or straight cut. PHOTO SUPPLIED BY VITERRA

A Canola System With Different Agronomic And Pricing Options

New Clearfield hybrids offer agronomic benefits including the ability to diversify rotations by using Group 2 herbicides for weed control

  With canola remaining in high demand with good prices, growers are looking for ways to grow as much as possible while maintaining sound and sustainable rotations. With Clearfield canola, they have the option of an alternative weed-control system, including for canola volunteers, plus access to premium canola marketing options for high-quality specialty oil. “There […] Read more

In a 2008 study by Harker et al. (Weed Technology 22-747-749), waiting to control weeds at the 6 to 7 leaf stage could cost seven bushels per acre in yield loss. With canola prices currently hovering around $15, that’s a $105 per acre loss.

Early Weed Control Critical For Higher Yielding Canola

A multi-pronged approach before and after seeding brings best results at year-end

  As cases of herbicide resistance proliferate in problem weeds, some growers and researchers are calling for more proactive management strategies. Using multiple modes of action in a combined burnoff-residual pre-seed application, they say, is particularly effective at reducing populations of yieldrobbing weeds such as cleavers, kochia, round-leaved mallow, stinkweed, volunteer canola, and many others. […] Read more

AFS allows you to control variable rates of equipment with precision and maximize the financial potential of fields with total accuracy.

From data-capable to data-enabled

Finding new ways to maximize your efficiency through technology is easier than you think

  There’s no denying that farming is rapidly changing and looks significantly different than it did in the not-so-distant past. The dusty logbooks full of field information compiled through decades of sweat equity and a bit of farmer’s intuition are rapidly being replaced by electronic sensors and spreadsheets. For years, farmers have had the ability […] Read more

Precision farming technology allows farmers to increase yields sustainably and profitably.

Opportunities Sprouting for Alberta’s Agtech Industry

  Southern Alberta’s agriculture industry has long been rooted in the resilience and innovative nature of its farmers and ranchers. They have been admired for their creative problem-solving for more than a century and today even more inventive, and sometimes futuristic, agriculture technology (ag tech) solutions are emerging. Farmers, ranchers and the entire agribusiness industry […] Read more

“You know you’re going to be putting down phosphate and sulphur anyway, and this product simplifies that process and is easier to apply,” Mitch Poiron, Nutrien. |  GETTY IMAGE

Sulphur isn’t just for canola

Smart Nutrition MAP+MST offers a simpler way to integrate this essential nutrient into your fertilizer planning equation.

  All crops need sulphur — that’s a given. But since nitrogen is the main driver of most fertility programs, sulphur often gets overlooked in the planning process. That needs to change, says Mitch Poiron, marketing representative for Nutrien. “I think there’s a situation where some growers are too familiar or comfortable with their existing […] Read more

Managing your operation’s cash flow

Online application can deliver low interest advances on more than 50 commodities within three to five business days

  A made-in-Alberta farm business tool offers low interest rates, improved profitability, increased marketing opportunities, simple administration and efficient customer service. Alberta producers can access up to $1 million through FarmCash, the cash advance program administered by Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It offers the first $100,000 interest-free, with […] Read more

Hay sold off the farm takes away more nutrients than a grain crop. |  GETTY IMAGE

Your forage needs feeding too

A BCRC report says only 25 per cent of pasture and hay fields and 15 per cent of alfalfa fields are fertilized

  It’s a bit too easy, particularly in the rush of spring, to forget about what might be going in your forage fields, or more accurately, underneath them. “Forage fertility is often overlooked,” says Mike Howell, senior agronomist with Nutrien. “Farmers tend to think of themselves as cattle producers and are not always focused on […] Read more

The prevalence of herbicide-resistant kochia underlines the importance of rotating different
modes of action. -FILE PHOTO

Manage early weeds for season-long benefits

Early control allows canola crops to germinate with unfettered ccess to moisture, sunlight and nutrients

  It won’t be long until it’s time to seed canola. But when the frost comes out of the ground and early weeds are already coming to life, farmers should consider what to look for in a pre-season burnoff for early weed control. “At the beginning of the season, a pre-season herbicide application is meant […] Read more

Plans to increase milling capacity and new research funding positions Canada’s oat industry for the strong demand coming from China.

The growing demand for high-quality oats

A surge in China’s cereal consumption means opportunities for the crop with a new reputation as a ‘superfood’

  Oats for breakfast no longer means that pot of porridge bubbling away on the back of the woodstove. Its new reputation as a health-food ingredient for other products has meant growing sales in the U.S., which now takes about 60 per cent of the Canadian crop, but export demand is set to ratchet up […] Read more