VIDEO: CanolaPalooza19 – Saskatchewan edition

VIDEO: CanolaPalooza19 – Saskatchewan edition

Saskatchewan CanolaPalooza was held July 9, 2019, at the Ag Canada Research Station near Saskatoon. Here are some videos of a few of the event’s features: Warren Ward of the Canola Council of Canada describes a fertilizer placement demonstration trial and provides advice on the dangers of placing fertilizer in the seed row.    Barb […] Read more

Canterra inks new distribution deal with Pride Seeds

Canadian seed companies Canterra and Pride Seeds have reached a new seed distribution deal that gives Canterra exclusive rights to distribute Pride seed products in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The partnership with Pride Seeds will allow Winnipeg-based Canterra to continue distributing Pride’s line of seed products, which include varieties of silage corn hybrids, grain corn […] Read more

North Star Robotics has developed a system capable of turning machines, including small tractors, lawn mowers and snow plows, into robots capable of performing tasks autonomously. The lawnmower in this picture is equipped with the company’s technology and is capable of completing precision mowing jobs without operator intervention. |  North Star Robotics photo

Man. company helps turn tractors into robots

A package from North Star Robotics enables farmers to more easily embrace autonomous operation of farm equipment

Spotting driverless-tractors working a Canadian field will be commonplace in the near future. Canadian growers are already retrofitting equipment with technology that enables machines to works autonomously, such as Brian Tischler’s Ag Open GPS and Matt Reimer’s tractor that pulls a grain cart up to his combine. These solutions require a fair amount of tech […] Read more

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont. drew good crowds, in part due to favourable weather, for its 25th annual event.  |  Michael Raine photo

Video highlights of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show – 2018

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show celebrated its 25th anniversary this summer and The Western Producer was there.  Watch the following video for some of the highlights of our coverage: 00:50  – Jens Schmidt of Herbert Dammann talks about the Profi-Class sprayer. 03:40  – Bruce Burnett from MarketsFarm discusses grain markets in the Trump era. 08:10  – […] Read more

Soybean aphids disappear in Manitoba

Invasion of the lady beetles. It’s not the best title for a horror movie, but lady beetles did invade thousands of homes across Manitoba last fall. The infestation was annoying because Asian lady beetles, while nice to look at, do like to bite humans. The population of lady beetles, or ladybugs, exploded in Manitoba last […] Read more

The Lexion is showing a JD display and the JD machinesync feature. The lighter blue area depicts a European-built S680 coverage working in the same field as the Lexion, depicted with the deeper blue. Data exchange is handled with JD modems. This is the first bridge Heupel released to the market in 2015. Agra GPS photos

Green guidance on off-color combines

Move your Greenstar to the red, yellow, blue, orange or purple implement of your liking

Tt’s not unusual to see a prairie farmyard with mainly green implements, and then combines in other colours contrasting with the other machines. The farmer with the mismatched combines is probably cursing because he can’t get his favourite combine GPS to communicate with his trusty Greenstar Starfire. That’s the situation in which Johannes Heupel was […] Read more

The drop pan is held up tight against the combine with electromagnets.  Because there is no wiring or bolts, it can be moved from one combine to another in a matter of seconds.  A radio remote control lets the operator drop the pan while driving at the normal speed with all adjustments in their normal position.  |  Marcel Kringe photo

Magnet solves old drop pan problem

Move BushelPlus from one combine to another in a matter of seconds

BRANDON — Grain loss monitors don’t document how many bushels end up on the ground. Conventional drop pans are a nuisance and dangerous. The BushelPlus magnetic drop pan addresses those issues.  If checking combine losses was convenient, farmers would do it. But it isn’t, so they don’t, according to Marcel Kringe of BushelPlus in Brandon.  […] Read more

Seed Hawk gets new name

Seed Hawk Inc. is being rechristened Vaderstad Industries Inc., reflecting the fuller integration of the Seed Hawk brand within the Vaderstad Group. Seed Hawk and Vaderstad have been working together since 2006 and in 2013 the Swedish agricultural equipment manufacturer bought full ownership of Seed Hawk and invested in a major expansion of the plant […] Read more

Sask. Canola and the Canola Council of Canada hosted canolaPALOOZA in Saskatoon on June 20, 2017. Robin Booker photo.

CanolaPALOOZA Saskatoon, 2017

CanolaPALOOZA near Saskatoon brought together the canola scientific community and industry partners to showcase some of the latest research and technology in the field. Below are a few videos of some of the demonstrations at the event. Murray Hartman discusses new recommendations for canola density: Keith Downey reminisces on the origins of the canola industry:  A […] Read more

Autonomous Agriculture is Here

VIDEO: Autonomous agriculture has been reimagined

    Long cold winters, intense and short farming seasons, tight margins and shortage of labour have long been credited for Western Canada’s agricultural innovations. For the past three winters, one of the fathers of reduced tillage equipment has been taking in the sun in Mexico and considering the next step-change in agriculture autonomous work. […] Read more