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Engine information tool

Cummins Inc. recently announced the introduction of the QuickCheck 5100 engine information tool. This product brings the power of a portable computer and proprietary engine monitoring software into one handheld device.

The QuickCheck 5100 connects to any electronic diesel engine, using standard J1587 or J1939 data links with supplied six- or nine-pin cables. A supplied USB cable allows users to link their QuickCheck 5100 to a desktop PC.

QuickCheck CE software accepts data from any diesel engine with standard connectivity to an Electronic Control Module. It reads and captures fault codes, parameter values, lifetime trip data as well as the data plate. QuickCheck CE allows the user to monitor a range of data from any manufacturer’s engine with electronic controls, transmission, braking and vehicle systems.

The QuickCheck 5100 can provide a trip summary report compiled from 10 data fields: average miles per gallon; average miles per gallon driving; percent of time spent at idle; percent of pto time non-moving; percent top gear distance; maximum vehicle speed; number of sudden decelerations; distance; total engine hours and trip time.

This data can be captured and then transferred to a desktop computer for analysis using optional Cummins QuickReports software.

For more information, visit or call 812-377-6461.

Skid-steer loader

Bobcat’s new S330 skid-steer loader is designed to deliver more lift capacity, increased horsepower and an improved cooling system.

With operating capacity rated at 3,300 pounds, the S330 becomes the company’s largest skid-steer loader.

That operating capacity enables users to lift and carry loads more comfortably and efficiently, with a 10 foot, 10 inch lift height and vertical lift-path.

The S330

uses an 85 horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel engine. The engine improves performance in high-flow attachment applications like planers, wheel saws, Brushcat rotary cutters and snowblowers, by providing more support for the machine’s hydraulic horsepower.

The Smartfan cooling system has a variable speed fan that rotates at full speed only when required. It has the ability to provide increased cooling in extreme operating conditions.

The S330 comes with fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control, maximum-variable flow and forward-reverse detent. Operators can switch between attachments with the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system or optional hydraulic Power Bob-Tach system.

For more information, visit

Autolube system

Some Case IH combines are now available with the Quicklub Automatic Lubrication System from Lincoln.

The Quicklub system delivers the correct amount of grease while in the field. With an automatic lubrication system, small measured amounts of grease are metered to the components as often as every hour for six minutes while the combine is in operation.

This process lubricates critical wear surfaces while maintaining a grease seal to block chaff and other crop contaminants from the lubricated area.

For more information, visit or

Bale spreader

Haybuster’s new 2564 Balebuster offers complete spreading control with a 360 degree shooting radius.

The 2564 Balebuster can be used for erosion control, shooting mulch up to 100 feet with the optional straw cannon. The heavy duty rotor uses 40 flails. The unit self-loads and can carry two bales at once.

For more information, visit www.duratech or call 701-252-4601.


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