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Portable generator

A generator that can be easily carried on a shoulder strap, yet is powerful enough to jump-start earth moving equipment, has come on the market from ATI Power Products.

The Lightning Charger provides portable electricity for running power tools kilometres from civilization, providing emergency lighting or power during disasters and charging dead batteries anywhere.

The Lightning Charger weighs 7.2 kilograms (16 pounds), takes up less space than one cubic foot, while providing 55 amps of charging power and 80 amps of starting power through detachable jumper cables. It puts out 900 watts of continuous 115 volt DC power through twin outlet plugs.

It is powered by a Tecumseh engine gasoline/oil mixture and its 20-ounce tank will run the generator for about an hour. The key to packing so much power into such a small package is found in rare earth magnets made of neodymium iron boron. The Lightning Charger is currently available with a 12-volt charger and in a dual 12/24 volt model.

Contact: ATI Power Products, 1117 LaVelle Road, Alamogordo, New Mexico, 88310; tel. 505-437-0021; fax. 505-434-6149.


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