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Western Producer reporters don’t do what they do for the awards. Their motivation is based largely on a natural curiosity and a desire to provide western Canadian farmers with the information they need to successfully produce food and feed the world.

However, everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements, and it’s no different for our writers. The paper’s reporters provide the material — week in and week out — that helps us compile the most up-to-date information and thoughtful analysis for our readers. We couldn’t do it without them.

That’s why we participate in writing competitions such as the one organized by North American Agricultural Journalists, which recently announced its winners for 2020.

Leading the pack was Brian MacLeod, who was awarded first place in the editorial category for editorials entitled “Farmer co-operation can combat cyberbullying,” “Failing to act in trespass cases is irresponsible” and “Canada should consider adjusting biotech regs.” “These works are clearly editorials identifying issues of importance to readers in the agricultural community,” the judge wrote.

Reporter Robin Booker placed third in the same category for columns entitlted “Conservatives need a shift on climate change,” “Western angst, oil and gas and the Wall” and “Change tactics in clash over carbon tax.”

Reporter Sean Pratt dominated the profile category with second place for a story called “Dairy capitalizes on farm-fresh trend” and third place for “Sask. ‘oddballs’ make sheep operation work.” Both stories were written as on-farm stories, which are a weekly feature in our Farm Living section.

Reporter William DeKay scored honourable mentions in the profile category with stories about a farmer who was preparing for his 70th harvest and another one about a National Farmer’s Union member who joined an official Canadian delegation to China in the early 1970s in order to comply with that country’s requirement that such delegations include a “peasant.”

Winnipeg reporter Ron Lyseng received honourable mention in the series category for stories called “Are we ready for electric tractors?” “Are e-tractors practical?” “Precision ag = sustainable ag?” “Big farm vs. small farm: survival of the fittest” and “Can farm equipment truly be sustainable?

Well done, everyone.

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