Using media to influence

Get your ads. Buy them now. Get your red-hot advertising.

One media consumer is driving high-dollar ad buying on some U.S TV networks — President Donald Trump. And the ads that are targeting this one, high-value consumer are now coming from agricultural interests.

Advertising drives much of the media, at least when it comes to paying the bills for things like editorialists, the folks who create The Western Producer for you each week.

Your credentials as professional farmers and the time you spend with the WP cause advertisers to buy space around our content.

That process is working overtime at television networks Fox News and MSNBC in the United States. Trump, through social media portal Twitter, lets the world know he watches morning shows on these networks: Fox and Friends on Fox and Morning Joe on MSNBC, by commenting on the content of these programs.

Beyond his Twitter musings, he also regularly refers to “the shows” when speaking in public about American cable news programs.

As a result of his acknowledgment of the influence these shows have on him, lobby groups and even news comedians have been buying ads within those timeslots.

These past few weeks, those ads have included appeals by the renewable fuels industry, represented by Fuels America, which is in large part everyone who has a stake in corn.

With one third of U.S. corn production now dedicated to ethanol, there are a lot of folks, farmers included, who don’t want anything happening to that demand, including you and I.

If those acres ever get cut loose from providing fuel, prices for anything American farmers can grow on that land are going down.

“Family farms are the backbone of this country. We are going to protect the renewable fuel standard,” Trump said before his election about the requirement for his country to use 36 billion U.S gallons of ethanol annually by 2022.

However, there are fears that he might be reconsidering that position. The ads target oil refiners for seeking government bailouts due to competition from renewable fuels and are reminding him of his pledge.

All I need now is proof that our prime minister reads the WP and I should be able to watch the extra ad money roll in.

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