Producer expands its online reach

Producer expands its online reach

Most of us have heard that the media is undergoing a game changing transformation.

It comes to us as a no-brainer because this message was delivered to most of us digitally, on devices that have a level of computing power that would have taken entire rooms to house only a few decades ago.

I was once told you are only as smart as where you get your information, and anyone who has chased internet links through the ether knows there is a lot of dishonest clutter out there — or worse, malice.

It takes time to build trust in any news source, and the individual journalists who forge the reports.

This is why I like working through substantial and well thought-through volumes with stringent editorial controls, where the media source is unable or unwilling to rollover for anyone with a cheque book.

But once I trust an information source, it doesn’t matter to me where I encounter it.

At The Western Producer we are making it easier for our users to access our information and media services.

In addition to our website, which is updated daily, the WP web team is also reaching out to you through social media.

You don’t have to be on Pinterest to use the WP Pinterest boards. We use these boards to organize more than a thousand stories, of the many thousands we’ve produced over the past few years: There are Farm Living boards, a recipe board, an equipment board, and a board full of stories about production techniques.

You can access them here:

We also have an active Facebook account, a Linked-In account, and many of our reporters post regularly on twitter

You can also connect to The Western Producer through our Google+ page, and contribute to the Google Community we host titled West Canadian Agriculture that you can find here:

Regardless of the media platform you use, we hope we can be there to meet your needs.

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