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Meeting and fretting

Once every year, all members of the Western Producer editorial department gather for a meeting. People from our bureaus (in Calgary, Camrose, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg and Ottawa) come to Saskatoon and meet with the Saskatoon-based reporters and editors. We sit in a room and ponder one overwhelming question: how the heck can we get a paper out this week when we’re all sitting here?

Okay, we discuss topics more far-ranging than that, but the above question constantly lingers in our minds. It takes planning, followed by scrambling, to get a reasonable news package together for our readers. That’s where it pays to have professionals on the job.

Further to our gathering this week, we talked about the Producer’s redesigned website and its new mobile service. We talked about results from a recent readership survey (you like us!) and heard from a guest panel that helped us explore the many ways farmers access agricultural information. The world of agricultural communications is changing, and the Producer will be changing right along with it. I’ll have more to tell you about our plans in coming posts.


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