Letters to the editor – September 2, 2021

Western Canada needs cattle feed solutions

Well, another brilliant move by our responsible politicians in Alberta. Throw some money at our ranchers and shut them up.

Shortly after this announcement the price of hay doubled — old-fashioned greed kicked in. So, now western Canadian beef cows hope to learn to survive on money, although it is feed that they need. There is some hay all right, but it is for export. Also, the more valuable American dollar and more logical policies will move quite a bit across the line.

If the East has spare feed, one solution may be to move a bunch of cows there until about a month before calving time. It’s a lot cheaper to move cows than feed, but there is a big factor of trust.

Another approach may be to get the heads of all of Western Canada and all the western states to start talking and fast. After all, this time they are all in the same boat. The key is to survive the industry.

Bringing hay from the East only spreads the weeds, as it happened about 20 years ago. Besides, only the truckers or railroad would benefit.

Tom Hajdu,
Fawcett, Alta.


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