Letters to the editor – October 26, 2017

Spray drift

I have always firmly believed that a spray coupe/high clearance sprayer does a fantastic job of spraying.

This fall after harvest I worked most of my fields around the edges. Working the last field I came upon a disturbing incident. Over half my fields have bush or grass and bush lines around them.

This final field had half the line, which consisted of bush and grass about 15 feet wide, destroyed by spray drift. The sprayer did an excellent job spraying but the operator had the spray booms high and sprayed under too windy of conditions, causing drift. This had to have been done during pre-seed spraying as all grass and tree growth were killed on the line.

The only thing that grew on the line was millet. We farmers spray our crops to remove that weed.

But to spray out the growth in the line which kept the millet from growing is disgusting.

Now I think some licensing or permitting should be done to those sprayer operators such that they stop spraying in too windy conditions and keep their booms at a respectable height.

Spraying out lines does not control weeds but contributes to their survival.

Selwyn J.J. Jansen
Four 2D Farm
Humboldt, Sask.


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