Letters to the editor – May 14, 2020

Gun laws make new criminals

Today I became a criminal, not through my own actions but due to a decision made by (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau.

With the stroke of a pen, Trudeau made me and 2.1 million other Canadians criminals. Trudeau threw away democracy by bypassing parliamentary procedures. He made an order in council that avoids any debate or parliamentary oversight.

In my opinion, he did this because there would have been opposition if he had followed the regular democratic process. I view this as extorting law-abiding Canadians by taking away their personal legally acquired property with threats of incarceration.

In Canada we already have very restrictive gun control compared to the United States. First, a firearms safety course must be passed. Then you have to provide the RCMP character references as well as conjugal partners for the past five years. After your background and reference checks are approved, then you get your Possession Acquisition License.

I often hear that we don’t need these types of guns. Food, water and shelter are the basic things that are needed for survival. It’s safe to say we are well beyond having what we need. I don’t need my guns, I love having my guns. I enjoy competitive shooting, I enjoy hunting, I enjoy taking a newbie to the gun range for the first time or a friend from overseas.

Everyone has things they enjoy and love doing, and enjoying going to the range with my firearms has not caused a single problem. Yesterday I was privileged enough to enjoy my passion and today I lost a huge chunk of that privilege. Why? Because a new law came into place prohibiting me from owning my sporting rifles.

Laws do not stop criminals from illegally obtaining guns. New laws would not have stopped the recent mass murder. Law abiding citizens should not be punished for the acts of criminals.

For those of you who are indifferent to guns or who agree with the new controls being forced upon Canadians, try to imagine if Trudeau just announced the banning of sports cars (race-style) because a stolen sports car was used to commit a crime. Imagine sitting at home and waiting to see if your car will show up on the newly banned “sports car” list, the car you just spent money on last week, last month, last year, the car you worked on with your dad to restore, the car that you saved for and was so proud to get when you finally turned 16.

With the stroke of a pen, without any debate in Parliament, now you must give up your sports car. And sure they’ll give you market value for it, but you know that is nowhere near the amount you spent on it. Would you feel angry, disappointed, betrayed or unfairly treated because yours isn’t really a sports car?

That is what legal gun owners across Canada are feeling today. That is how I feel today. I was once so proud to be Canadian. Today I feel defeated and betrayed by what I once considered a democracy.

Also, for the record, AR15 stands for Carmelite Rifle Model 15, which has never been used in a violent crime in Canada — ever.

Phil Steernberg
Saskatoon, Sask.

Maybe Liberals should separate

Dear Canadian Liberals, if you require a fossil fuel free, gun free country, where freedoms and choices are limited, please feel free to leave Canada and relocate to a country which shares your ideals. Or, at the very least, ask other Canadians to carve you out a zone, where you can live and model your ideals. Perhaps the provinces or territories in which you have support can find you some property. If you have enough support, feel free to ask permission to separate.

Please stop your oppression, stop removing the freedoms and choices we enjoy and value in our country. Our country cannot be made better by removing the foundations which made it great, by trading freedom for a false sense of security.

Garrett Osborn
Big Beaver, Sask.

Stop dumping on remote roads

Illegal dumping is rampant on logging and remote roads.

It is as simple as installing a few game cameras, one facing up the road and another facing down the road. Match the loads on vehicles as well as license plates and arrest the ones that came down empty. The load can be found up the road to match the pictures of the up-the-road camera. The driver and the vehicle plates will be visible in the photos.

These cameras come on sale at Canadian Tire from time to time, so the cost will be low. A few good, heavy fines and some pictures and convictions printed in the media will help to stop this mess. Maybe their vehicles should be impounded or lost, too. The proof is in the two loads. A simple solution.

Jorgen Hansen
Kelowna, B.C.


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