Letters to the editor – June 24, 2021

Grain watering article called disappointing

We were dismayed when we read the article headlined “Can you add value to your grain with a garden hose” published in The Western Producer on June 3, 2021, which provides guidance to producers on how to add water to their grain.

The Canadian Grain Commission does not condone or support this practice in any way, and we are disappointed that The Western Producer would publish an article of this nature. Our scientific research indicates that adding water to grain can disguise its true moisture content and may cause it to go out of condition. Producers who add water to grain are in contravention of the Canada Grain Act if either of these occurs.

Watering grain is potentially detrimental to grain quality and grain safety; it can cause grain to spoil and contaminate grain shipments. This practice could negatively impact the Canada brand. Our reputation has been carefully built by farmers and the grain industry as a reliable and consistent supplier of quality grain. Any activity of this kind jeopardizes Canadian grain exports.

Under the Canada Grain Act, grain elevators who determine that grain has been watered can and should refuse these deliveries. In these circumstances, it’s producers who lose since they will not be paid for their grain deliveries.

Watering grain undermines the integrity of Canada’s grain quality assurance system, and we encourage producers to act responsibly.

Doug Chorney

Chief commissioner, Canadian Grain Commission

Derek Bunkowsky

Chief grain inspector for Canada, Canadian Grain Commission


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