Letters to the editor – December 17, 2020

Supply management criticism off base

Do all those folks who do nothing but complain about the Canadian supply management systems ever use common sense? Do they all want to be like that American who complained Canadian dairy practices undercut U.S. dairy farmers.

Let’s Google the state of Wisconsin. Ah, Wisconsin milk production outproduces the entire country of Canada. Meanwhile, thousands of American dairy farms are disappearing, even when it’s been calculated that 40 percent of an American farmer’s income is via subsidies.

Dairy production has a high cost in Canada, simply because we enjoy winter. Do complainers ever consider that? Sadly, their mantra is, “don’t know, don’t care, and certainly don’t take the time to use common sense.”

Complainers only consider cheap food — who cares where it comes from. And if it’s not cheap, some Canadian farmer is getting paid way too much. Why are complainers positive that other countries will “always” sell it cheaply to us? Trumpism, anyone?

All the dairy farmer ever does is sell his litre of milk to the processor for basically the same price, every day. That’s where prices begin to change. Processors do all manner of things with that litre of milk.

Eventually, all the parts of that litre make it to your local store, where you pay anywhere from $4.50ish to $6.50ish per four litre jug — way more expensive one litre at a time — then more for all the other dairy products you use that come from that litre of milk.

But please — if you bother to take the time — explain to me how those constantly variable prices you pay at that store for such healthy food is the fault of dairy farmers or supply management.

And while you’re at it, do you really believe those beef farmers are making off like bandits because you paid $28 per kilogram for that steak, when all they actually got was $950 for an entire 500 kg steer. What? They didn’t get $14,000?

Ewald Lammerding,

Saskatoon, Sask.

Government liberally taxing carbon

A few weeks ago I noted that David Fraser’s From the Hill columns have a very liberal tone. Since then it has morphed into full blown propaganda. Maybe it should be titled From the Liberal Party.

We have no idea what U.S. president-elect Joe Biden’s policies will be — they seem to change from one day to the next — but if he goes by the Paris accord, North America will see huge food cost increases.

The carbon tax may not be too noticeable to people in Canada’s southern cities, where they enjoy subsidized public transportation and a much warmer climate, but it’s a huge item to residents of the Prairies and northern areas.

We’ve had a carbon tax in British Columbia since 2008 and our “carbon footprint” has continued to increase at the same rate as before and has added $1,000 per year to my home heating bill. The tax amounts to more than the cost of the gas, and to rub it in, I’m charged GST on the tax.

Let’s examine the “carbon market.” Ontario and Quebec had a cap and trade scheme going, buying carbon credits from someone in California. Basically, how the system worked, they bought carbon credits from California, who created them out of thin air — California has the most polluted environment in North America — sold them to Ontario and Quebec, who then were allowed to continue to pollute as before. The only measurable results were an increase in the cost of living and the size of a bank account in California.

David concluded his column by telling us that instead of opposing the tax, we should work to improve it. Any suggestions, David, on how to improve the costly tax?

Roger Brandl,

Fort St. John, B.C.

COVID lockdown not acceptable

Dear Premier Kenney,

As a citizen of the province of Alberta I am asking that you not lock down our province again. The people that have elected you are reasonable and responsible. We can and will protect those citizens among us who are vulnerable or at risk from this or any other threat.

Many leaders around the world are on the wrong side of history and of what is right and wrong. It has become clear an agenda is being executed to take away our freedom and liberty by taking advantage of our trust of leadership and concern for fellow citizens. Evil leaders are doing this and underhandedly collapsing our economy/economic system.

We need strong leadership before this civil society will be forced to stand against government. I would not want to be the premier on that side of history.…

Never in history has so many governments of civil societies taken such draconian measures of self-destruction unless there are nefarious reasons for doing so.

I am asking you, Premier Kenney, I and many others, that you not succumb to any pressure concerning this deception. We are with you. Many are praying for you. We will stand strong with you.

Jim Schulz

Olds, Alta.


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