Letters to the editor – August 8, 2019

Be a good employer

Sadly, some farmer are poor employers.

A friend works on a dairy farm in Alberta and is given no extra pay for working on Christmas day, etc. He was not covered by insurance until Bill 6 came into effect. Now (Alberta Premier Jason) Kenney wants to repeal that and exempt farms with one to three workers. That leaves many workers not covered by insurance.

Why would people want to work on farms like these?

The farmer not paying for stat holidays had increased his herd by 100 percent. He could have increased it by half and paid his worker properly. 

Another friend worked on a farm in Saskatchewan. The owner never said good morning or good evening to her.

A man who worked for us for 34 years thanked my husband for 34 happy years. Our workers were covered and paid for stat holiday pay and vacations.

Jenny Bocock

Sturgeon County, Alta.


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