Letters to the editor – April 15, 2021

AgriInstability or AgriInsanity?

When AgriStability first started, I joined and participated annually.

Because of a health issue in 2016 I dropped my rented land and rented out a portion of my own farmland. That resulted in an over 50 percent reduction in land that I operated.

In doing so, that also hit my income by about that same amount. That did eventually trigger the AgriStability, and they sent me a payment. That is exactly what it is supposed to do.

In early 2020 I got an unexpected AgriStability payment. Fine, I thought. By mid-June I got a letter requesting 90 percent of that payment returned by mid-July. I returned that amount. Money in and money out is not stability. The program should be labelled Agri-Instability.

This past September I completed my earliest harvest in over 50 years. One of my crops was a minor amount below the crop insurance level, so I made a report to them. In late October the crop insurance representative showed up to measure the bins and take samples.

Sitting down to their computer they found that they could do nothing because AgriStability had decided to audit me and stopped my crop insurance claim. That was the first I had heard of it. If I had known earlier of the audit I could have operated my finances and cash flow differently.

In late February I got a letter from crop insurance regarding crop production checkup. The results showed I had a minor loss, but crop insurance stopped the payment. I do not know why. They also had a bill for an additional 30 percent. That is not an insurance, but an unexpected expense. I sent the payment. Early in March I got a letter from AgriStability regarding its completed audit. With it was a payment.

I’m concerned now. The system shut off my crop insurance, including a potential payment, and sent me a bill, and AgriInstability sent me an early payment. Like 2020, they are going to want most, if not all, of it back. Operating under AgriStability this past year has been 110 percent aggravation and AgriInstability.

I really do not care how the politicians talk and try to improve that misnamed program. I am out of it for good. I can operate and manage my risk when I know what money is coming in and going out.

Delwyn Jansen,

Humboldt, Sask.


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