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It’s interesting to see how many Western Producer readers are turning to producer.com to find information published years ago.

Many older stories are also among our perennial top-read items. Indeed, the readership numbers for some older stories rival some stories published recently.

By far the most popular legacy story in the Producer over the last few years is a column by retired Ontario doctor Clare Rowson. Her July 2008 column headlined, “Low alkaline phosphatase levels can indicate liver disease,” has been a top-read item for the last few years. It concerns a 50-year-old male who asks about results in routine testing.

Another years-old story that remains popular is headlined, “Cattle bloat: early diagnosis, treatment is essential,” by columnist Roy Lewis, a veterinarian in Westlock, Alta. Published in October 2011, Lewis identifies causes and treatment for the condition.

Older stories on cattle treatment are indeed popular on our website, and so goes an Animal Health column headlined, “Antibiotics best treatment for joint infections in calves,” by British Columbia veterinarian Jeff Grognet. Published way back in January 2001, it explains the causes, effects and treatment for joint infections.

Interestingly, a column published in March 2004 by former lawyer Don Purich headlined, “Public access to waterways on private property,” picked up a lot of page views both in July 2016 and July 2017, and remains a well-read piece online.

This year, two stories in particular are capturing readers’ attention.

One is only four months old but it has curiously re-emerged in a big way. “Study finds no firm glyphosate-cancer link,” reports on a collaborative study between several health agencies that found that “glyphosate was not statistically significantly associated with cancer at any site.” The study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

And a story headlined, “Murder suspects in court,” about two people charged with first degree murder from November 1994 is also picking up a lot of steam.

The Western Producer’s online archive has more than 94,000 items. It’s worth checking out as an excellent research tool for agriculture.

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