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There are more than 370 of these communities in Western Canada with about 20 reporting the presence of the virus.
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Discrimination based on being an identifiable other should be an obvious problem in our society, especially for places like ours, with relatively tiny populations and huge interdependency for success.

Yet, we still manage to do it. What sort of harvest does this bring us? What yields could be worth acting out against our own? If only common sense were more common we might not find ourselves slipping backward towards a time when we were all less successful.

COVID-19 is teaching us many things about ourselves, not the least of which are lessons about what we haven’t fully achieved.

Rural areas have been relatively spared during this pandemic. A few hot spots have occurred on Hutterite colonies, but it is the nature of a communal and co-operative life that has caused these to occur.

The vast majority of colonies have through significant efforts avoided infections. There are more than 370 of these communities in Western Canada with about 20 reporting the presence of the virus.

All cities in Canada have reported cases, but we don’t shun city folks. And to be fair most of us don’t do that to our Hutterian Brethren neighbours either. Some have, and it is shameful.

As well, our reporters covering the pandemic have been name-called and harassed on social media for doing their jobs. That, too, is shameful.

If folks want to comment on our reporting choices we have these opinion pages available every week, as well as Facebook, Twitter and story commenting on

In the past month I’ve spent many hours on the phone with colony members explaining why we report on the locations of COVID-19 infections and we have had many productive discussions and I feel blessed to have had them.

The Western Producer reports on infection locations because our governments have decided it is important to inform all of us about activities that cause spread of the disease so that we can make choices.

As media, we report the relevant information, so that you might make the best decisions possible.

In these pages we deliver information that we hope will help you make choices about growth and sustainability, in all ways.

We ask everyone who relies on our journalists, who skillfully deliver information as they find it, to be respectful of them and their efforts on your behalf.

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