Warm weather leads to good Manitoba crop growth

Winnipeg (CNS Canada) – Seeding is mostly complete across Manitoba with crops making good progress following recent warm weather, according to the crop report from Manitoba Agriculture for the week ended June 11.

It is estimated that 99 percent of the provincial crop is in the ground. Seeding is complete in the central, eastern, and Interlake regions, with small amounts remaining in the southwest and northwest regions. In the central region however, there are some canola fields that still need to be reseeded due to poor emergence or insect pressure.

Rains fell across the province during the week. Amounts ranged from trace to as high as 60 mm in the Russell and St. Lazare areas in the southwest. However some areas received no moisture.

Across Manitoba crops are looking good. Winter wheat is at the heading stage in parts of the province. Early seeded spring cereals are at the 4 to 5 leaf stage and late seeded fields are at the tillering stage. The majority of soybean fields are at the first trifoliate stage, germination has been uneven in some fields.

Producers across Manitoba are spraying their crops. Herbicide applications are well underway as field conditions allow and crops reach the proper stage. There are reports still of flea beetle activity, but impact is declining as crop growth advances.

Forage growth is advancing across the province. Older forage stands are showing significant weed pressure. Dairy producers have started their first hay cuts.

Most livestock are out to summer pastures which are providing adequate forage growth. However there are reports that dugouts are low, but are still currently suitable for livestock water sources.

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