VIDEO: Agri-Trend founder joins DOT

MARICOPA, Arizona — DOT Technologies Corp. has brought in Rob Saik as chief executive officer of DOT Ready Retail, a new sales and marketing side of the business.

DOT is a Saskatchewan-built robotic platform designed to bring autonomous farming to broad acre grain production.

“DOT Ready Retail will run in parallel to the DOT manufacturing company but will be the extension into the retail market, so it will handle retail and marketing and sales and training,” Saik said.

He said DRR will research how to bring DOT to the marketplace, which is a brand new type of business model.

“It’s not unlike what I did with Agri-Trend 20 some years ago,” Saik said.

“I’ve just completed the transition of Agri-Trend and Agri-Data and the sale of that to Trimble and concluded that obligation on Dec. 31. Now I have an opportunity to move in another direction.”

The role of DOT Technologies will continue to be on research and development and to work with engineers from other equipment manufacturers that want to build an implement for DOT.

“My role will be more forward looking and outreach work on developing the culture and the farmer’s interface and the retail interface and to show people how DOT can work on their farms,” Saik said.

Bringing Saik into the DOT team is the second high-profile hiring the company has made within the past year: Leah Olson recently left her position as president of the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada to become CEO of DOT Technologies Corp.

“I think that DOT really is exciting because it brings together not only technology and autonomous farming but it also brings together sensory devices and data and agronomics,” Saik said.

“It’s a whole new world. I think we are going to change the way that broad acre agriculture is done.”

DOT and Connect, which builds implements for DOT, recently teamed up with researchers from the University of Arizona at the Maricopa research station, and Saik will help them host a DOT demo day March 27 at the station.

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