Vehicle inspectors give trucks the once over

Ian Green of the Municipal District of Provost inspects Howard Shield’s truck during a Flagstaff County farm vehicle inspection day. | Mary MacArthur photo

Flagstaff County invites truckers to participate in the free farm vehicle safety inspection day it organizes every spring

KILLAM, Alta. — Howard Shields says he brought his farm truck in for a road inspection because it was the right thing to do.

“I like to get it checked out to see if it is OK. These guys know what they are doing. It is just a good thing to do. As a farmer, this is a free inspection to say my truck is safe on the road.”

Each spring, Flagstaff County hosts a free farm vehicle safety inspection. Vehicle inspectors from the provincial sheriff’s office and surrounding municipalities and counties join together to crawl under the truck and look under the hood to check if the truck is safe to be on the road.

“If they find anything wrong, I just take it to get repaired,” said Shield, of Strome.

Skylar Zelinski, a peace officer with Flagstaff County, said their goal is to promote safe trucks on the road. The inspection crew checks lights, brakes, tires, suspension and other parts of the trucks to give the driver piece of mind.

“It’s usually a positive event,” said Zelinski.

“If they’re not aware, we can point out the problems.”

Shields said last year, inspectors found problems with the brakes on his truck and he simply had them fixed.

Peace officers from nearby municipalities and the provincial government’s sheriff’s department were also at the inspection site.

While Shield’s visit was voluntary, other trucks were directed to the inspection station by the police.

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