Useless ag degrees? I think not

When The Daily Beast put various agricultural programs on its list of “useless” degrees last year, I blogged about it, noting the error of its assessment. So when Yahoo came out with a similar “useless” list earlier this month, listing three agriculturally related degrees in its top five, I rejected it as ridiculous.

Only two weeks ago, I interviewed the deans of agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Alberta and University of Manitoba. They all told me their enrolment was increasing and that their graduates get jobs. They all had enthusiasm and optimism about the future of their programs. In fact, there are more jobs out there than students, they said. The upshot of those interviews appeared in a special report Jan. 26 in the Producer.

News flash: a degree in agriculture doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a farmer, admirable and important though that is. There are tonnes of other jobs out there that utilize the knowledge gained with an ag degree.

As a week or two passed after release of the Yahoo list, more people  weighed, via Twitter and blogs, about its folly, so I’m a johnny-come-lately to the dissent. Today I saw rebuttal from several American college deans. Check it out by clicking here:

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