Tight deadline set for farm program review

These are the people appointed to review Canada’s business risk management program:

Eleven people appointed to the external expert panel for Canada’s business risk management program review have a tall order ahead, said the Saskatchewan farmer representative.

Lane Stockbrugger, who farms at Englefeld, Sask., is vice-chair of SaskCanola and a director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, said much work has yet to be done to meet the July deadline.

“We have a job to do and a tight time frame to do that,” he said after the appointments were announced Dec. 19.

“Our job I think is to make sure we’re bringing the information forward, that it’s being heard, and working to make sure it’s incorporated.”

The review was announced last July at the annual meeting of federal and provincial agriculture ministers in St. John’s, N.L., but farm organizations and others recently raised concerns that progress was slow.

Officials are looking at business risk management programs to see if they meet farmers’ needs and how to improve them.

AgriStability is of particular concern since participation has dropped to only about one-third of Canadian farmers. They are to report options to the ministers in July.

Stockbrugger said he wants to be sure that the programs are easy enough for farmers to understand and want to use.

“That’s a guiding principle for me,” he said. “I’m going to be wanting to talk to other farmers. I’m not an expert. I’m a farmer that used the programs.”

Asked if Canadian farmers could expect one program that suits them all, Stockbrugger said the result likely won’t be perfect.

“Our job is to try and make it as relevant and accurate and useful as possible for each of our respective areas, whether that be sector or geographical,” he said.

  • Lane Stockbrugger, vice-chair of SaskCanola and a director of Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan
  • Mark Brock, Grain Farmers of Ontario director and AgGrowth Coalition member
  • Chris Simpson, Alberta beef producer and MNP accountant
  • Mary Robinson, Prince Edward Island crop farmer and chair of the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council
  • Tyler Fulton, Manitoba cow-calf producer and director of risk management for Hams Marketing Service
  • Lysa Porth, University of Manitoba professor and holder of Guy Carpenter chair in agricultural risk management
  • Maurice Doyon, Laval University professor of agricultural economics
  • Jean-Philippe Gervais, vice-president and chief agricultural economist Farm Credit Canada
  • Anita Wickersham, senior manager at KPMG Consultations, Alberta
  • Dr. Rebecca Lee, executive director of the Canadian Horticulture Council
  • Joe Glauber, senior research fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington

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