Scammer targets hay buyers

The RCMP said buyers should not send funds until they verify the sellers actually have the product, or delivery has occurred. | file photo

A hay purchasing scam is making its way through Saskatchewan.

Farmers are urged to use caution before buying forages.

In an issued statement, Saskatchewan RCMP and Livestock Services of Saskatchewan said several producers have been the victim of fraud while attempting to purchase hay.

Adds placed on social media and other buy and sell platforms are asking for payment prior to the buyer seeing the hay or being in a position to take immediate delivery.

Several producers sent funds before learning the seller did not have the hay.

Buyers should take steps to ensure transactions on-line or over buy and sell platforms are conducted in a safe manner.

RCMP said the best practice for buyers is not to send funds until in a position to confirm the product or items are legitimate and delivery has been established.

Anyone with information can contact the RCMP or Livestock Services Saskatchewan at 306-546-5086.

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